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Polar Camel 16 oz. Pint Tumbler Laser Engraved + Lid

Polar Camel 16 oz. Pint Tumbler Laser Engraved + Lid

Polar Camel

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking…a pint?! Yes, this tumbler has space for his favorite brewsky and her cherished white wine. Kept at the perfect temperature, your backyard BBQ beverages will be delightfully refreshing, making your house the preferred spot for the neighborhood gatherings (just make sure your guests bring their tumblers with them). Whether in your backyard or the backwoods, the 16 oz pint will be a welcomed companion. It holds up well with travel. Made of kitchen grade stainless steel, leak resistant, spill proof, and splash proof. It’s sipping lid is designed to hold those environmentally safe flexible silicone drinking straws. It easily washes up with soap and water and ready for the next thirst-quenching event.

This versatile tumbler stands out among the crowd of portable drinkware out there! Its surface has the room for personalization and specialized messages. These make a great gift for anyone with a big thirst. Runners are saying they like how the 16 oz keeps their drink cold after a long run. Moms whose schedule won’t allow frequent trips to the kitchen for a refill love having their iced drink immediately drinkable no matter what demands their time. Business owners whose job requires stacked meetings or driving from location to job site enjoy the reliability of the 16 oz pint to keep their beverage hot or refreshingly cold. Even teenagers are singing the praises of the 16 oz pint. When a big gulp can be transferred to the 16 oz pint, the walk home doesn’t seem so long when they’re kept from dehydration. Say goodbye disposable cups that crowd our landfills and say hello to the 16 oz pint reusable tumbler. Your thirst is waiting.

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