20 Best Corporate Gifts to Give Clients in 2021

20 Best Corporate Gifts to Give Clients in 2021


There are few marketing strategies as powerful as giving corporate gifts to clients.

Nothing makes you want to keep doing business with someone like receiving a thoughtful gift from them at the end or beginning of the year!

Choosing which gift to give, though, can sometimes be a challenge. If you’re planning on sending out corporate gifts this year, you might be wracking your brain trying to think of good ideas.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the 20 best corporate gifts to give clients in 2021.

Top 20 Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

1. Gift card

Let’s start with the most common gift idea: gift cards. These are great because clients can spend them however they choose. Gift cards are a safe gift because there’s no risk that the client will hate it!

Gift cards to common places like Starbucks or Amazon are fine, but if you can, send cards that relate to your line of work.

For instance, a mortgage broker might send a Home Depot or Lowe’s gift card to his clients. Why? Because they just bought a house with his help!

2. Branded tumbler 

Nearly everyone uses travel mugs or tumblers. Why not use your corporate gift to spread the word about your brand?

3. Chocolates

Appeal to your client’s sweet tooth with a box of high-quality chocolates. Some companies will even let you put your logo on the box.

4. Branded notebook or calendar

Notebooks are great for jotting down quick thoughts, taking notes on meetings, or writing down to-do or grocery lists. In other words—they’re a high-use item and nearly always welcomed as a gift.

Same goes for calendars. A lot of people use a separate calendar for home and for work, so why not save them a bit of money by sending them one as a gift?

5. Coffee blend

Win your clients’ hearts with premium coffee! Whole beans store better and give off a fresher aroma and tastier flavor when ground and brewed.

6. Tea blend

If your clients aren’t coffee drinkers, consider sending a lovely tea blend with a mug.

7. Candle

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? Don’t think candles are just for women. Scents like pine, pumpkin, or teakwood are great for men, too.

8. Lotion or lip balm

If you send cosmetics as your corporate gift, try to send ones that are gender-neutral, like non-scented lotions, lip balms, or body washes.

9. Key chain

Want your client to see your brand every day? Put your logo on a keychain and send it as a gift!

10. Refrigerator magnet

Parents can’t get enough refrigerator magnets. How else can they put up their kids’ drawings for the world to see?

11. Product samples

If you sell products or food items, consider sending some free samples to your clients as a gift. If they love your products, they’ll likely order more when they run out!

12. Coupon for your services

If you’re a service-based business, try sending coupons as corporate gifts. For example, car mechanics can get a lot of business by sending a coupon for a free or discounted oil change.

13. Custom self-inking rubber stamp

Send your clients a self-inking rubber stamp featuring a simple image, their name, or a a kind message. They’ll enjoy using it on their cards and envelopes!

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14. Cheese spread

Don’t underestimate how many people love a receiving a package of cheeses, meats, and crackers. Some companies ship these food items in temp-controlled packages in case your clients live far away.

15. Succulents or terrarium

Live or fake succulents are a beautiful addition to any desk or shelf. The same goes for mini terrariums with moss or cacti. A little sprinkle of greenery goes a long way!

16. Fruit basket

Consider sending your clients a delicious fruit basket. This is safer than sending a canister of premium trail mix, since nut allergies are so common.

17. Gourmet popcorn

Caramel, cheddar, white chocolate peppermint, even dill pickle—the possibilities are endless when it comes to gourmet popcorn. This idea works so well because few people think to buy gourmet popcorn for themselves, and yet it’s delicious!

18. Local organic honey

If you want to send a gift that won’t go bad, send a jar of honey. (That’s right, honey is one of the few natural food items that doesn’t go bad as long as it’s sealed.)

The local and organic aspects are optional, but these small touches communicate to your client that you care.

19. Quirky socks

If your brand is a little wild and crazy, why not send a pair of quirky socks as a gag gift? 

20. Branded phone wallet

Here’s a useful idea! Instead of lugging around a wallet or purse all day, some people opt to keep their credit cards in a compact phone wallet, which attaches right to the back of your phone. If you can get your logo on there, even better!

And there you have it—a list of 20 practical ideas for corporate gifts to give to clients in 2021. So which one will you give this year?

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