Collection: Self-Inking Notary Stamp from Creative Rubber Stamps

Here at Creative Rubber Stamps, we make custom self-inking notary stamps for those who use self-inking alternatives, as well as rectangular and/or round options. Whatever your professional or business needs may be, we have the right stamp for the job!

What is a Self-Inking Notary Public Stamp?

A notary stamp or notary seal is a rubber stamp or self-inking rubber stamp that imprints your states required information. The required information generally includes:

  • The notary public's name
  • The state of commission
  • The date of commission expiration

The stamps are usually rectangular, but some states require a round stamp. Whatever your state's requirements are for notary supplies, we can help you create the perfect, professional notary stamp.

What Does a Notary Do?

A notary must screen and witness the signing of important documents like property deeds, wills, powers of attorney, etc. The notary verifies the person's identity, willingness to sign without duress or under intimidation, and the understanding of the contents of the document. 

Some notaries are required to put the signer under oath, declaring that all information in the document is true and correct under penalty of perjury. 

[Learn How to Become a Notary Public]

What Information is Required for Your Notary Stamp Order?

Since each state has requirements, the information, size, and ink color need to be included when you place your stamp order. Before placing your order, follow these steps to make sure your stamp is processed correctly.

  1. Make sure you possess your notary commission certificate and take your oath of office as required by your local and state notary laws.
  2. Understand your state's notary stamp laws, obtain necessary information for your stamp, select the appropriate ink color, and the correct dimensions for your stamp.
  3. If necessary, order more than one stamp to meet your professional needs.
  4. When you order your stamp, thoroughly review your order to make sure your notary name, commission expiration date, and other information matches your notary commission certificate.
  5. When you receive your order, compare all information to make sure it's correct and notify us immediately if you see any discrepancies.

Tips for Using Your Self-Inking Notary Public Stamp

When you first receive your notary stamp, these tips can help you learn how to use it effectively. With proper care and use, your new notary stamp should last you for many years!

  • Make practice impressions before using it professionally. 
  • Verify that all the essential elements required by law can be easily read.
  • Missing information can void your client's document, so make sure it's all there.
  • When placing your stamp, be sure not to cover any text on the document.
  • Keep your stamp out of the heat as it could dry the ink or warp the rubber.

Where to Start

Are you ready to place your self-inking notary stamp order? Contact us to start your order today! 

Creative Rubber Stamps ensures that every notary stamp is compliant with state laws and guidelines and is 100% official. All designs meet required individual state standards and are updated in time with regulation changes. Notary stamps ship the next business day.