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Why You Need One... or Many!

When it comes to self-inking stamps, we are experts in what makes them work their best. But why should you choose a custom self-inking stamp for your next purchase?

The Cleaner Choice

Since these custom rubber stamps don’t require an ink pad, the ink stays where it belongs. Self-inking personalized stamps have an inclusive ink pad that retracts back into the stamp automatically so… no mess!


If you have a lot of documents that you need to stamp, a traditional stamp would require you to repeatedly re-ink your rubber stamp pad while you work. Self-inking stamps allow you to work more efficiently, and you can rely on the perfect stamp every time!

Make a Good Impression

With a custom self-inking stamp, there won’t ever be excessive waste or half stamped impressions. If you want the perfect stamp on every one of your documents, a self-inking stamp is an ideal choice.

What Brands of Self-Inking Stamps Do We Carry?

At Creative Rubber Stamps, we carry only the best stamps on the market. The two brands we carry are Ideal and Trodat. 

The features of these brands are:

  • Excellent quality stamp impressions
  • Eight different ink colors to choose from
  • Custom rubber stamp lasts for thousands of impressions
  • Ink can be refilled for continued use
  • Fully customizable with text or artwork at no extra charge

What Do We Need for Your Custom Self-Inking Stamp Order?

To order your custom self-inking stamp, select the Ideal or Trodat brand stamp of your choice. The stamp you choose will automatically navigate you to the order form. Once prompted, you can enter the following information:

First, decide whether you want to use text or an image for your stamp.

For text:

  1. Choose the font category that best suits your personal or professional needs.
  2. Enter in your desired text
  3. Watch as the preview automatically updates to give you a preview of your custom stamp order.
  4. Adjust the font size if necessary.
  5. Choose the font from your selected category that you prefer.
  6. Select your ink color.
  7. Leave any special instructions for us, if required.
  8. Preview your order and carefully read through your text to ensure accuracy.
  9. Add to cart and purchase!

For Images:

  1. Choose the image category for your image file.
  2. Import your file.
  3. If necessary, edit the image selection box to ensure your image is within the borders of the stamp.
  4. Select your ink color.
  5. Leave any special instructions for us, if necessary.
  6. Preview your order and carefully read through your text to ensure accuracy.
  7. Add to cart and purchase!

Before placing your order, make sure you carefully preview your custom stamp order to make sure it’s processed correctly.

Shop For Custom Self-Inking Stamps

Are you ready to order custom self-inking stamps? Contact us to start your order today.

Creative Rubber Stamps is here to meet your stamping needs. With over twenty years in the business, we provide products that have stood the test of time. Create your custom stamps order here with the easy and convenient online order form for a quick, quality, color-filled, crafty, commendable Ideal or Trodat self-inking rubber stamps.