5 Types of People Who Can Use Rubber Stamps Every Day

5 Types of People Who Can Use Rubber Stamps Every Day

5 types of people who can use rubber stamps every day

When you think of rubber stamps, what do you picture?

A frenzied accountant stamping “PAID” on 50 invoices? A notary offering his official seal to mark a young couple’s purchase of a brand-new house? Or perhaps a homemaker happily decorating her scrapbook?

The truth is that there are countless ways to use rubber stamps—but each way offers something of value.

In this blog post, we’re looking at five types of people who can benefit from using rubber stamps on a regular basis. Do you fit into any of these categories?


There are dozens of ways rubber stamps can make your life easier at work. If you have an office job, chances are that you deal with mounds of paperwork each month. Rubber stamps can simplify your filing processes as you:

  • Mark invoices, contracts, or purchase orders as “PAID,” “PAST DUE,” “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY,” and more with stock message rubber stamps.
  • Sign your signature on contracts and letters.
  • Mark envelopes with your business return address.
  • Stamp your business logo on paperwork and products.


If you have hundreds—or even just dozens—of students, writing grades by hand can quickly become a tiresome chore. Consider using some of these fun yet easy ways to use rubber stamps in the classroom:

  • Letter grade stamps
  • Stamps with a simple yet personalized note for a job well done
  • Stamps with a quick comment for correction (e.g., “Name?” “No Date” or “Please see me”)

You would be surprised to see just how much students enjoy getting stamps from their teacher on their homework, especially if the stamps have a unique design or a fun element.


Weddings are an exciting time—or at least they should be. But joy quickly devolves into stress when you have to mark 300 envelopes with the same return address or you need to recreate a hand-drawn monogram on 250 Save-the-Date cards.

Here are some common and creative ways to use rubber stamps for your upcoming wedding.

  • Specially designed monogram for Save-the-Dates, RSVP cards, invitations, or wedding favors
  • Decorative return addresses for invitation envelopes
  • Special design or border for table markers or signs

To give your stamps an extra-elegant look, try embossing with gold or silver embossing powder!


If you’re a notary public, your services are in high demand, which gives you an opportunity to make some extra money in this ever-changing economy. But to make your services official and legal, you need a notary seal.

Getting a rubber stamp with your notary seal makes it easy for you to sign official documents anywhere. Our Self-Inking Notary Stamps are easy to carry in your purse or briefcase if you need to travel to notarize a document. 


Stamps are still one of the most creative ways to decorate your scrapbook. Next to your photos of family and friends, add some decorative or monogramed stamps for a simple yet elegant addition.

You can find countless pre-made stamps at your local craft stores, but if you want a customized stamp, you can order through our website. Create a custom stamp of your family name, a monogram, or a logo by uploading a file as you purchase one of our Self-Inking Custom Stamps.


As you can see, there are hundreds of ways to use rubber stamps, and each one makes life a little bit easier—or a little bit brighter! As long as people enjoy saving time and adding a personal touch to their writing, stamps won’t go out of style.

No matter what wording or design you need, you can create a custom stamp that matches your preferences when you purchase one of our Self-Inking Custom Stamps. Click here to get started!

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