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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Creative with a Signature Stamp

Finding the right ways to make work more fun all starts with a single word: stamps. Yes, friends, stamps are what will give you the freedom you seek. Want to lose time doing the busy work and more time doing the creative work? Get to stamping. Self-inking rubber stamps in your line of work are your greatest tool next to the internet. You heard it here first, folks.

It’s an investment worth investing in. Rubber stamps, including address stamps, custom stamps, and signature stamps will be your best friends by the end of this article. In fact, we have 5 reasons why they’ll be your closest pals. Your workforce and your workflow will greatly benefit from a high-quality rubber stamp, and your company needs to invest in them today. Yes, that’s right, today. The longer you sit on these stamps, the longer your days will feel, and the duller your life will become. On that positive note, let’s get into it!

1. Say bye-bye to long hours doing paperwork

Execs and corporate managers in the world of 9-5 land are used to signing off their names to pages they have no clue what they’re about. While this isn’t our business, we are in the business of stamps and making people's lives easier. So that’s why we encourage execs and managers to get their time back by simply stamping their name instead of signing it for countless hours. No more signing expense reports, timesheets, and customer deals. Make it automatic like your response to life and just simply stamp away.


Signing a contract

A quality rubber stamp from an online reputable stamp maker like ourselves, Creative Rubber Stamps, is the best way to rescue your life back. Swiftly and efficiently authorize your authorizations, and then move on to the next job without ever looking back (unless necessary of course). For even more time saved, delegate your “signing” tasks to your assistants or interns to stamp away as much as you need. Heck, if presidents can stamp, so can your assistant.

2. Keep Your Brand’s Rep Clean

 Signatures aren’t easy to read these days. Let’s be honest, they never were. How is something so vague and indecipherable a means for legitimate documents and life events? Who knows. We don’t make the rules. When someone signs hastily, the signature is illegible. Customers who see these hurried signatures will view the company as not caring about them and undervaluing them. They’ll take their business elsewhere. Keep your brand’s reputation professional and keep your image clean with a clean stamped signature.

However, with a rubber stamp, the signature is always the same. It doesn't matter if you're using it on paychecks, hot documents, or any other cold document; the signature will always appear the same and totally readable. Phew.

By stamping your name or company name, not only will the document appear tidy and orderly, but it will also create a whole visceral, visual experience that’s pleasing to the eye. This is a marketing move that will reflect positively on your entire company, indicating that even the most boring tasks are approached with care and flair. That rhymed!

 John Hancock signing a document

Remember the dude John Hancock? Yeah, me neither–but we do remember his signature. It’s branded on our minds. Think of your stamp signature like his and the effect it’ll have on others. It’s that big of a deal.

3. Save Time

Oh time, where art thou gone, time? That’s Shakespeare. And also, something I just made up. Therefore, keep your time close and your attention closer. Also just made that one up. Find ways that are original to save time and stay productive. Life Hack 101 starts with stamping your way through life. Whether you are an executive, business owner, or manager, time is of the essence. Boring things like paperwork can consume a lot of time, leaving you less time for other significant projects.

You’re probably managing your employees, conceptualizing major projects for your enterprise, analyzing data, and enhancing your business processes, so you’ve got a lot of responsibilities on your hands. Using a customized rubber stamp can notably reduce the duration you spend approving business documents. With this tool, you can expeditiously examine the paperwork, affix your stamp, and immediately return it to your visitor.

4. More Marketing for Your Business

Don’t think of your rubber stamp as your sole signature tool. It’s a multi-faceted one. You could customize a personalized rubber stamp with your company's gorgeous cool logo, which could be imprinted on marketing materials you give to customers. This way, when you speak with a customer, potential client, or associate, your branded stamp can enhance your marketing efforts with customer touchpoints.


Rubber stamping an envelope

Do you still send mail? Seal your sent mail with a stamp. That way, the recipient can easily identify the sender even without opening it, thus improving your mail open rates and maximizing the return on investment for your direct mail campaigns. These stamps can also be useful for different events such as sales tables, networking events, and corporate meetings.

5. Make Your Brand Stand Out

So many businesses these days become too focused on copying their competitors' advertising and marketing strategies. They believe they need to utilize the same methods, including email marketing, online ads, and SEO, to break out among the rest. Although online marketing is crucial, don’t forget about offline marketing. It’s still relevant in setting your brand apart.

Do you know a list of companies that utilize rubber stamps? If so, their logos likely come to mind right away, setting them apart from their competitors and establishing a better brand recall in your memory. Consider designing your own stamps for your brand to increase recognition and make your logo stand out.

Invest in a Quality Rubber Stamp or Two for Your Business

After discovering the numerous advantages of having top-notch rubber stamps, it's high time you obtained them for your enterprise. To personalize your preferred rubber stamp, check out our offerings or contact us directly. Send us an email through our email and we’ll be happy to clarify any questions you have for your brand.

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