How Using Rubber Stamps Can Save You Time

How Using Rubber Stamps Can Save You Time


Statistics have shown that it takes around 6-10 seconds to sign your name. If you signed your name 1000 times a day you will have used 100 minutes of your 8 hour work day completing the same task over and over again. If that time seems rather brief, think about how you feel sitting at a traffic light or waiting for a take out meal, or perhaps stoically making it through a series of television commercials during your favorite show. At Creative Rubber Stamps we offer you the ability to design your own custom signature stamp, saving you valuable time and uncomfortable hand cramps with a quick and easy self-inking signature depression. 

Your signature actually tells a lot about you. In fact, your personality comes through with each stroke of the pen. With signature stamps, that professional side of you is regularly communicated. No more sloppy rushed marks on a page. You can have a formal, business level signature, imprinted with consistency on your documents each and every time. 

No more worrying about leaky pens globbing up your documents. No more shaky hands from high volumes of caffeinated beverages. Missed connecting strokes are non-existent and your signature is flawless each time your customized signature stamp is used. 

Here’s your perfect opportunity to impress your clients, co-workers, and administrator with professional, consistent, impeccable customized signature stamp crafted by Creative Rubber Stamps.

Time is Important

Time is a precious commodity. Anyone in business knows that time is money. Time is also a precious resource. In our current culture, the quicker something can be rolled out, the faster the market grows with hungry buyers and interested consumers. 

 Have you ever invited someone to accompany you to an event, concert, workout, goat yoga and their answer is always the same, “I don’t have time”? Time management becomes a full time occupation with people balancing multiple “plates” at once. Imagine the thrill when a meeting is postponed, a friend cancels at the last minute, and one is given the “gift of time”. Time is everything and it affects everyone on the planet. Time for school. Time for homework. Time for soccer. Time for lunch. Time to feed the puppy. Time to fold the laundry. Time to get to that birthday party. Time to pick up groceries. Time to make dinner. Time for bed. That’s just at home. The workplace has its own requirements. Time for that presentation. Time to call back a customer. Time to schedule a delivery. Time to order more supplies. Time to design that next job. Time to meet with the boss. Time to write that next email. Time to meet with a client. Time to finally head home. Whenever time can be shaved off, if even a little, people benefit.

 Research has shown that managing time well creates a “stress-less” environment. In fact, according to, productivity increases. Clarity returns. People experience the efficacy of the tasks at hand. Happiness results. A sense of peace can be felt by all who recognize the importance of time and do what is necessary to protect it. By making time management a priority, communities can be filled with happier, more content citizens.

 According to Management Study Guide, those who manage their time more efficiently experience a boost in confidence. What employer wouldn’t appreciate an employee who is confident in the workplace, being a mover and shaker, producing high yield results, and happier clientele? Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Saving Other Things

Time is not the only commodity that requires our attention. It’s a good practice for us humans to find ways to live a more simple life, by cutting back on the volume of things we purchase, consume, and collect. Creativity will help in incorporating this lifestyle. According to MedicineNet, a minimalist is one who chooses intentionally to live a simpler life. One who values experiences over having lots of stuff. Think about how it feels when you purge your closet of the items that take up space but are never used. Having a large volume of unnecessary items can actually increase stress.

That’s why re-inking rubber stamps are such a good idea. It’s a one-time purchase commitment that requires a small bottle of ink for the retractable pad. The stamps do not take up a lot of room for storage and they are so practical and affordable. Another thing worth saving is money. My mother used to repeat the phrase, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.” Basically, it was a reminder that each time we choose to wait on purchasing something, we’ve preserved that much in our bank account. There is a lot of wisdom in delaying gratification. Often, when I make myself wait, I find that I’m much more satisfied. I do not have to endure “buyer’s remorse” nor am I out of cash that I may have needed for something much more important, like food or fuel. It’s easy to talk oneself into the reasons why we should spend, such as “I deserve this,” only to realize that your worth is way more than just a pair of shoes or an expensive meal. Things don’t satisfy long term. However, being content with yourself is the most valuable asset. You cannot be measured by material things. Therefore your value is not found in random stuff. So, save your money and your self-esteem.

Additionally, here are a few tips for saving your income: 1. Divide your earnings into multiple columns, for example  “Rent/Mortgage,” “Car payment,” “Gas,” “Utilities,” “Groceries/Consumables,” “Church/Charitable Donations,” “Events/Fun Money,” “Savings.”  2. Write under each how much you spend each month. 3. Determine where you can shave off costs, for example are you able to walk to work or car pool, which will save you a lot. 4. Once you have decided how you’re going to spend less, then write under your “Fun Money” how much you have to spend and only spend that much. Do not go over your budgeted amount. 5. Put everything else you have left in a savings account. 6. Review your earning columns every few weeks to make sure you’re on track. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back each month that you stay in budget. 

People are Essential

Are you aware that we are the only species that have formal language?  We can write, speak, sign, remark, text, and shout with and to each other. The animal world lives by instincts alone. We have the amazing ability to think, reason, communicate, and decide at a much higher level. So, why are homo-sapiens at the top of the list?  It’s about communication. People are essential for our survival. We were built for connection. We truly do need each other. We’ve read the words, “It takes a village,” but perhaps haven’t reflected on why?  It takes each other to make it. Our value is entwined, perhaps interconnected with someone else’s. We rely on the network of other humans for our social development as well as emotional well-being. Friendships are key to our social strength. Sometimes it requires courage to reach out to another person, but risk is nullified by reward. In fact, Thomas Jefferson has been credited  with the quote, “With great risk comes great reward.” He may have been referring to the birth of a new nation, but isn’t each budding friendship like a new birth?  We’ve all felt that when getting to know a new face, a fresh personality. It can be uncomfortable by the thoughts we may battle such as, “What if I’m not liked?  What if I say something embarrassing? What if I spit on them when telling a riveting tale?”  Okay, so what? They’re human too. They may actually be feeling similarly. Just be. Take the risk and see. It will be so worth it. You are important. So are your stories, happenings, events, existence, so slobber away!


Being the best version of you matters, whether it’s in the workplace or at a social event. We’d like to help you here at Creative Rubber Stamps make your presentation impressive and professional. Our customers have cheerfully told us how satisfied they are with our quality products and helpful customer service. With our wide selection and clear online instructions, we can provide the stamp you may need to win over your potential client. For example, our custom signature stamps provide the time-saving method for signing multiple documents. Our stock stamps make organizing a quicker task. Address stamps and notary stamps are easy and efficient to use. We even provide what you need to re-ink your self-inking, retractable stamp. It’s a one-stop shop that cares about you. Creative Rubber Stamps has been in business for over 25 years providing the highest quality products. One might even say, it’s our speciality. 


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