How to create a Signature Stamp

How to create a Signature Stamp


A question frequently asked is, I need a signature stamp, how can I upload my digital signature if I don’t own a scanner? The process is easy.

The process is easy. I write my signature on a plain white blank piece of paper using a black ball point ink pen.

The App store has multiple free apps, such as genius scan, which is the one I use. I open the app and click the plus sign. The app opens a page where I can hover over my signature where it is captured. From here, I can select the editing button on the right where I can rotate and crop. Once I click done I am given an option to export document. I make sure that the format of my document is a jpeg. Then under export to, I select photos where it is saved to my iPhone’s photo folder.

When ordering your signature stamp online with Creative Rubber Stamps, begin by selecting Custom Signature Stamps. Choose the appropriate size. Once the page opens, be sure that your selected image is a jpeg. Below jpeg, you can click choose file and upload your signature scan from your photo library. Once your signature appears in the preview box, you can manipulate it to be centered and reduce the white space around your signature. Your preview will show above in the blue stamp preview box. Once it’s centered, click the check mark at the bottom of the page. From there you can select your ink color from traditional black to a variety of color choices. If would like to include an ink refill for your self inking stamp, simply click the 1 ounce bottle of ink,. By clicking the preview button you can view your signature stamp plus the ink color choice in the bottom right corner. Then add to cart and choose checkout. You also have an option to use apple pay or pay pal.

To get the best results when ordering a signature stamp, be sure to write only on plain white blank paper. Do not use lined paper. The line cannot be removed. Colored paper cannot be used for signature stamp orders. Only white blank paper. Avoid thick tipped felt markers when writing your signature. Use only black ink. Colored pens such as blue, pink, red, or purple are not dark enough for your signature stamp. Signatures written in pencil will not be accepted. Only a black ball point ink pen will give you that clean, definitive impression you need for your signature stamp. Be sure to avoid stray marks, personal artwork, and anything you do not want on your signature stamp. If you would like one of these customized self-inking signature stamps, contact Creative Rubber Stamps for a beautiful, professional, laser-created product.

Ordering a personalized stamp is quite easy! Once you place your order, we take the signature image you upload and laser-engrave it onto the rubber stamp in your self-inking Ideal stamp.


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