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Personalized Address Stamps

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Personalized Address Stamps from Creative Rubber Stamps

We at Creative Rubber Stamps understand how address stamps are essential for personal and professional use! When you choose our expertly handmade self-inking address stamps, you will have chosen the best rubber stamps on the market!


When it comes to self-inking stamps, we are experts in what makes them work their best. But why should you choose a custom self-inking address stamp for your next purchase?

Better for the Environment

Self-inking address stamps are environmentally friendly. Those traditional sticky labels with their unused backing paper add to our nation's landfills, while re-inking rubber stamps can be used over and over again. Simply add to the cart the refill bottle with your selected ink color.

The Less Messier Choice

Self-inking personalized stamps with your address have an inclusive ink pad that retracts back into the stamp automatically so… no mess!

    Dollar Savings Over Time

    Plastic sticky labels are less cost efficient than the one-time purchase of a self-inking reliable rubber stamp. Self-inking pads are more economical with their internal ink pad system, and they’re easy to be refilled for thousands of uses.


    If you have a lot of envelopes that you need to label, the use of traditional sticky labels would require additional hours to ensure they were securely in place; not knowing if they'll make it all the way to their destination. With self-inking address stamps you can work more efficiently, plus rely on the perfect and permanent stamp impression every time!

    No Need for Sticky Labels

    With a self-inking custom stamp, there won’t ever be excessive waste or half stamped labels. If you want the perfect stamp on every one of your envelopes, every time, a self-inking stamp is the obvious best choice!


    At Creative Rubber Stamps, we carry only the best customizable stamps on the market. For our address label stamps, we carry Ideal / Trodat Print brand stamps, which always leave clear, crisp impressions.

    The features of this brand are:

    • Excellent quality address label stamp impressions
    • Eight different ink colors to choose from
    • Custom rubber address stamps last for thousands of impressions
    • Ink can be refilled for continued use
    • Fully customizable with text at no extra charge

    [Click Here Order Your Custom Self-Inking Stamps]


    Ordering a personalized stamp is quite easy! Once you place your order, we take the address stamp you created and laser-engrave it onto the rubber stamp in your self-inking Ideal stamp.

    All you have to do is decide which Ideal brand stamp you want and select it. The stamp you choose will automatically navigate you to the order form.

    For address stamps:

    1. Choose which color ink you want for your stamp.
    2. Select the number of stamps you would like to order
    3. Preview your order and ensure the address is correct.
    4. Add to cart and purchase!

    Before placing your order, make sure you carefully preview your custom stamp order to make sure it’s processed correctly.


    Are you ready to order your address stamps? Contact us to start your order, today! 

    Creative Rubber Stamps is here to meet your stamping needs. With over twenty years in the business, we provide products that have stood the test of time. Create your custom self-inking address stamps order here with the easy and convenient online order form for a quick, quality, color-filled, crafty, commendable Ideal or Trodat self-inking rubber stamp!