7 Reasons to Use Custom Rubber Stamps for Small Businesses

7 Reasons to Use Custom Rubber Stamps for Small Businesses

Digging through the pile on your desk to find labels? Is your hand getting tired filling out the return address? Did you scribble a message and can't read it? Can't make out if that invoice is paid or unpaid?

Wish you had a better solution? Consider custom rubber stamps. They make your life easier when you own a small business.

In this post, you'll discover seven reasons to use custom rubber stamps for your small business that benefit you and your staff.

1. Custom Rubber Stamps Save You Time

One of the biggest reasons you should custom rubber stamps when you're a small business: they save you time. Think about how long it takes you to write out your address as well as writing or your signature on multiple documents.

In the long haul, custom rubber stamps can not only prevent your hand from becoming tired, but they also save you time and boost your productivity. Sure you could use a label. But sometimes you can't find your labels in the drawer.

And return addresses are pretty small to fit your logo on them. Rubber stamps are better for the planet, you won't waste paper. If you're a small business you probably spend hours during a month completing forms.

If it takes you 10 seconds each time to fill out your address or your signature or mark a document, and you do this 60 times every week, that's 10 hours wasted on writing things out that could take you one-sixth of the time.

2. They Save You Money

Knowing ways to save money is key for every sized business whether you're a small start-up to a major corporation. And customized rubber stamps save you money. Since time is money, you lose all that time writing things out by hand and trying to find out a document that ends up in the wrong pile because it wasn't marked.

Rubber stamps can also save you money using custom forms. If your company uses custom forms for your business, you know how expensive it is to print out all your forms. It can waste paper.

Try adding a few spaces to your document. Get a stamp of your form. Then you can turn any piece of paper into a new form, and you'll have an unlimited supply. 

3. They Prevent Mishaps From Poor Handwriting

You've probably written down a note when you were in a hurry and returned to your desk not able to read what you wrote. Or maybe someone else in your office has poor handwriting and it's becoming a problem.

This can cause a problem, especially when the note has to do with your invoices being paid or unpaid. The perfect solution: a rubber stamp. You can easily stamp an invoice "late" so you make sure to apply the late fee.

Or stamp a document approved and sign off by designing custom initials on your rubber stamp. With your stamp on it, you can move the document forward.

This way, there's no confusion if the document needs to be reviewed again. As you can see, a rubber stamp not only prevents mishaps, it saves time. 

4. Keeps You Organized

If you're a small business owner, you know how difficult it can be to stay organized. Being disorganized slows you down and can make tasks confusing. It's essential to stay organized. And a customized rubber stamp is one great way to do it.

Organize your invoices with a big, bold stamp that reads, "PAID." You can move it to the paid pile and place it in the appropriate folder. If the invoice manages to slip out of the folder, you'll know it's paid because it will be stamped big and bold.

You can create a stamp with the date, so you know when you paid your invoices, use it for scanned documents and duplicates. This way if an issue comes up, you'll have it on hand. And you'll know when it's safe to discard documents in case you're ever audited.

5. Gives You a Professional Presentation

A customized rubber stamp can make your small business look professional. Instead of handwriting your name on an envelope, consider having a custom rubber stamp created with your logo on it. You can even design them with different font styles.

This lets your prospects and customers know you're serious about your business. And they'll respect you back in return.

Your customized stamp will make your business look professional. This will streamline your business.

6. Prevents Your Mail From Getting Lost

Have you ever had a letter or envelope get sent to one of your neighbors? Unless your mail carrier has eye problems, the reason is usually due to them unable to read your address correctly.

When you're in a hurry to get the mail out or your hand is tired from writing, it's easy to make writing look illegible. Have you ever had a client say they never received your letter? That can be why.

Lost mail can be a problem, especially when the document is sensitive or important. Your mail will always make it to you properly when you use a customized rubber stamp with your company name and address on your mail.

7. Empower Your Brand

What empowers a brand? A consistent message like the "Just do it" tagline. A consistent logo like McDonald's golden arches. Consistency serves as a major factor to build your brand and help customers remember you.

Your brand is your business identity and just as people identify you by your name, your brand works in the same way. With a customized stamp with your brand logo on it, your company will be easily identified. So whether you're sending out a postcard, an envelope, or a package, your consistent brand name will be visible.

Custom Rubber Stamps Make Your Business Better and Easier

Now you know seven reasons to use custom rubber stamps to improve your small business. They save time, increase productivity, prevent mishaps, and make your business shine.

Looking for beautiful, high-quality custom rubber stamps? Contact us today to improve your brand identity and keep your business running smoothly.

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