6 Ways Self-inking Rubber Stamps Make All of Your DIY Dreams Come True!

6 Ways Self-inking Rubber Stamps Make All of Your DIY Dreams Come True!

Stamps can be used in so many different ways, not just for mail and paperwork. With your DIY magic, you can grab your stamp collection full of self-inking rubber stamps, address stamps, custom stamps, and signature stamps, and simply use them to create original and imaginative projects that utilize design and fun.



Leftover soap scraps all over the house can be one man’s trash and another man’s treasure. In our case, it’s gold. Conduct a search around your house including in the bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, and kitchen sinks, and gather everything up. Melt everything down with a double boiler or microwave. And if you want to give them a cool shape, consider a non-stick cooking spray on a mini muffin pan or choose a mold you like best. Then let them cool for around 8-12 hours and gently press a stamp of your liking into the soap for a fun unique design. An address stamp could be a cool look for a square stamp and something like a flower stamp can make your stamps more grounded and earthy. A logo stamp would be a great touch for your brand or business.


If you’re really interested, you can go deeper on the internet for tutorials. Consider adding texture and scents with natural exfoliants like oatmeal or coffee grounds, or experiment with what you’ve got in your home like essential oils and natural fragrances or household spices.



Nail art is a great way to express yourself creatively and is no exception when it comes to stamping. Utilize stamps to make special ink impressions or textured indents. Google some nail stamping tutorials to get started or help you get on track for the right way to stamp. Start with some dry nails that are already painted. You can buy materials that are made for nails or simply recycle your craft supplies. Rubber stamps and ink can be more difficult but still work with your nails. If you mess up, you can start over by wiping it off simply.


For more texture and an artier form, you can use a dry wooden block stamp on the nails that are still sort of wet. After using, clean the stamp with a cleaner like acetone to ensure that any leftover polish is gone. Acetone can damage the rubber, so make sure you use a stamp that you won’t need to use for say, paperwork.



Handmade candles are in, and bought ones are out. Repurpose soap and repurpose old candles to create stamped candles. Buy a set of 8 to 12 wicks from a local craft store or Amazon and collect old candle stubs around the house or have friends donate. Melt the wax in a dish on the stove or a microwave. Form fresh candles with recycled candle holders, mason jars, glass jars, or shot glasses.


6 Ways Self-inking Rubber Stamps Make All of Your DIY Dreams Come True!


If you want to get extra special, use stamps to create imprints on warmed wax. Or you can simply transfer stamp designs onto the candle’s outside through quick-drying ink and tissue paper. Use instructions to carefully craft candles and use rubber stamp ink on wax. There could be some potential danger with hot wax so just be careful. And if you really want to go for it, spice up your candles with text and embossing materials.



 Food coloring is a great way to decorate your cookies. It’s exciting to combine your crafting skills with baking and create a delicious reward for your hard work. To make sure your cookies are safe to eat and edible, we recommend using stamps that haven’t been touched by ink. Make Christmas more special with customized rubber ink stamps that are high quality. Choose a snowman or a reindeer for rubber stamps to keep your cookies festive and fun.


Valentine's Day can also be made more special with stamped cookies (that haven’t been touched by ink). Cookie icing decorations can reignite your creativity and tastebuds with unlimited stamp designs. Consider creating designs for different events throughout the year. Just add food coloring to gingerly stamp the dried icing and your sweet tooth will be satisfied sooner than you can say “are the cookies ready?”



Never been a barista? No problem. Stamping your foam with a professional or creative stamp is your next best friend. First, you can master the simple art of milk frothing, then you can take your white foam to new heights with your stamps. Don’t worry though, you're not limited to coffee - Keep your beers cold and cool looking with a stamp on the froth as well. That’s a great tip for branding too. To really ramp up the creativity, attempt using food coloring that will make a difference in front of the white background. To make sure your delicious designs are safe, be sure to use stamps that haven't been used with ink before, and choose food-safe ink to pull off your tasty creative project.



Your charcuterie board will make or break your party. Make your cheese display the light of the party with a stamped design on your brie cheese and gouda! It’s gouda, we promise. If you make your own cheese and enjoy innovating in the kitchen, try adding stamped designs while waiting for the cheese to set. With a unique stamp, your brand name, website, and logo can take your artisan cheeses up a few notches. Creative Rubber Stamps offers customized logo stamps to help you create unique cheese creations. For a fun DIY project, learn how to make a molded clay stamp for enhancing cheese and butter.


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