A Guide To Using Custom Stamps For Personal Events

A Guide To Using Custom Stamps For Personal Events

Are you at a loss about how to create an event aesthetic to impress your boss? How about your mother-in-law?

Designing a flawless event doesn't have to be the headache that you imagine it to be. Impress your guests and whoever else is watching when you use custom stamps to help bring the event look together.

Here's a complete guide to designing and using a custom rubber stamp for your personal event.

Consider Your Theme

Your event's theme will play a big part in the aesthetic of your custom rubber stamp. If you're throwing a beach wedding, then a sea bird, a rolling wave, or a sun at the horizon would complement the other decorations and colors.

Perhaps you're planning a baby shower in the botanic gardens where a simple flower or a leaf would make a great icon for the invitations. Do you have a special fleur de lis or flourish that you'd like to use as part of the aesthetic?

An event for a Navy family could warrant an anchor or a life preserver. However you want your event to be remembered should be the aesthetic you carry throughout the decor. From the custom rubber stamp to the final decorations, bring it all together with a central image.

Evaluate Level of Formality

How formal is your event? Consider whether you're mostly going for a casual outdoor event or a semi-formal cocktail vibe. The level of formality determines how many pieces of paper you'll be sending and whether you'll need multiple rubber stamps.

The ideal stamps help your invitations shine without seeming to take over. If you have a black or white tie event, you may have as many as five or more pieces of paper. For example, you'll have the envelope, the invitation, a sheet with directions, a note about the dress code, and an RSVP card.

Each of these could have its own stamp, as well as the same stamp on the back of all of them to brand your event, along with an address stamp. Likewise, a casual event may only warrant one or two stamps, with an event emblem and a company logo.

Monogram Custom Stamps for Branding

If you're working on a wedding, anything that emphasizes that two are joining together will help. With an online stamp maker, you can create a monogram for the new couple to use for your custom rubber stamp on invitations, programs, and more.

A custom stamp takes the stress out of wedding planning and provides continuity for the event. People will recognize the monogram from the save-the-date card when they receive the invitation in the mail. If they forget to RSVP right away, seeing the monogram on the RSVP postcard by their other paperwork will remind them to put it in the mail.

Matching Colors

If you're a teacher, then you're familiar with teacher stamps and the significance of colorful ink. The same is true for invitations and other paperwork for personal events. The color of ink you use helps create importance and pull everything together.

Go with the wedding colors to make sure you match when designing your custom stamp. You can add an extra coordinating color to help accent the theme and tie in decor items like linens or centerpieces.

For extra flair, try embossing. Use your stamp, embossing powder, and heat tool to give your invitations, programs, and RSVP cards a more formal, classy look. The logo or icon becomes raised, giving it a contrasting texture.

Roll with the Punches

Don't put things like time or date on a custom stamp. Instead, print those on the cards. Use the custom stamps to add aesthetic features and artistic flair that can be carried over to a new set of invitations if necessary.

Remember that sometimes things change. As you're planning your event, there may be extenuating circumstances that mean extra paperwork and invitation pieces when things change. Many weddings have had to use change-the-date cards because of the world pandemic, which is only one example.

Choose a stamp that will help you keep the look continuous, even through any changes. As long as they're free of small details, your custom stamps can help keep the look and feel the same, even with new arrangements and different plans.

Consider Logistics

As you put together your custom stamp order, it's important to think about how you'll be using it. Make sure that if you're having a large event, you get a comfortable handle because you'll be stamping it many times over. If you order a self-inking stamp but have plenty of papers to stamp, make sure to get an ink refill in case it runs out.

Think about logistics like who will be helping you. You may need to order two of the exact same stamp if you won't be able to get together to share the stamp or don't want the hassle of mailing it. Your bridesmaids may be great with getting paperwork done, but they likely won't fly all the way to Florida from Oregon to get a stamp to help with the invitations.

A lot of planning goes into big events, but the mistakes happen in the small details. Think about your timeline and how your custom rubber stamps plays into it. Then you'll be able to assess your stamp needs and place an order that covers all your bases.

The Perfect Look

Using custom stamps is a great way to pull your event together. From the beginning of the planning phase to the day of the event itself, your image or icon will help people feel comfortable because they recognize the branding.

As you consider your theme, level of formality, monogram ideas, logistics, and possible hiccups, you'll be able to design the perfect custom rubber stamp to help pull off a great event.

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