How to Choose Your Own Personalized Address Stamp

How to Choose Your Own Personalized Address Stamp

How to choose a personalized Address Stamp

Personalized address stamps are helpful in so many ways offering a customized and personalized touch to any piece of mail you send out, while also saving you major time, frustration, and money. But how do you choose the right rubber stamp for you? This is what we’ll delve into in the article here. 

The Basics of What Your Personalized Address Stamp 

 First of all, let’s discuss what your personalized address stamp should do:

  • It should have all of your relevant address information on there (first name, last name, and address)
  • It should be easy to read and decipher (nobody wants to play the guessing game of who sent them mail)
  • It should reflect your personality 
  • It should be suitable for your needs (personal or professional)
  • It should be spelled correctly (please please please double and triple check the spelling of your name and address before you send off your order)

 How to Customize Your Personalized Address Stamp

When ordering a personalized address stamp, there are a few options to choose from, and depending on you and the purpose of this personalized address stamp, some options are better than others. 

 In each of the customizable features of your personalized address stamp, we’ll make recommendations based on if you are choosing to get these for personal or business use. It can make a big difference between the two for some options, while others may not necessarily make a difference in terms of how you use them. 


The most important thing to remember with choosing a font is that it must be legible. 

If you want some guidance on which font style to choose for your stamp, here are some tips:

Cursive fonts: considered elegant, timeless, classic, and feminine. 

Thicker more block-like fonts - considered bold, more casual/personal, best for personal use


Many personalized address stamps have different colored ink options. Popular options include black, red, green, blue, pink, purple, orange, and brown. In a professional setting, you can’t go wrong with black. However, if you want to stand out, opt for a brighter color. If there is a certain color associated with your type of business, you could also go for that color. For example, since love is associated with red or pink, you could use either color as a matchmaker. 

Additionally, if you have certain colors for your brand, you can choose to create consistency in your mail through the same color in your personalized address stamp. 

For personal use, you can simply choose your favorite color or something you’re known for. If you’re known for wearing red lipstick, then opt for that color. Or if you make it well-known that green is your absolutely favorite color, then stick with that. 


Let’s discuss the psychology behind shapes. Round shapes are generally associated with femininity, softness, and peace. If you are using this for professional purposes, your business would be a good fit if you are a wedding planner, florist, baker, or any kind of field that may be more creative. Additionally, if you’re a woman-run business, this may be the best choice for you. 

Rectangular shapes are associated with masculinity, order, structure, no-nonsense, and tradition. If your business is a more professional and structured business like accounting, business strategy, etc. rectangular may be the better way to go. 

If you’re personally using personalized address stamps, often rectangular goes better simply because it’s a more traditional choice. However, it’s really up to you!

Other Things to Consider 

There are a few other things to consider when placing your order for your own personalized address stamp:

Always, always, always check the information that you put on there to make sure you don’t have to do a repeat order and waste unnecessary money. 

If you’re in business, understand that your stamp is a reflection of you, your personality, your business, and your brand. It should fit your type of business and give the customer a good impression of you. 

Make sure to wait for the ink to dry before placing anything on top of your just stamped mail or before laying your letter/mail facedown on any surface. Smears aren’t professional or pretty, and it’s unlikely that the person receiving it will be able to read who the mail is from. 

Creative Rubber Stamps

Whether you are looking for personalized address stamps for your own personal mail or for your business mail, Creative Rubber Stamps has the right fit for you. Specializing in rubber stamps and offering a wide variety of different options, Creative Rubber Stamps is confident in the quality it produces, as well as its impeccable customer service. 

The ordering process is pretty simple. Just choose which style of stamp you want, and then customize it with your personal information and color preference and send off your order. If you for any reason have misspelled your name or need to cancel the order, make sure to e-mail Creative Rubber Stamps as soon as possible, since the turnaround time is extremely quick. 

Creative Rubber Stamps looks forward to servicing you and your rubber stamp needs!

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