What You Need to Know About Cheap Rubber Stamps

What You Need to Know About Cheap Rubber Stamps

Cheap Rubber Stamps


Your "stamp of approval." It sounds "official." It sounds permanent

Your "stamp of approval" -- or any message worth stamping on a page -- should be something that stands the test of time.  

But, you're a small business with a budget, or a young couple just starting your lives together, or simply an individual who is made of ideas but not money. How do you choose a quality stamp that is also cost-effective?

You've Googled "cheap rubber stamps," but you're overwhelmed by the results. The options are endless.

If this sounds like you, read on. This article will help you sort through those results by identifying all of the factors you should consider when buying stamps.

Why Do You Need Stamps?

While stamp experts, like Creative Rubber Stamps, can help you make an informed decision about products, your message -- the reason behind the stamp -- begins with you, and your stamp purchase begins with that message. To answer the other questions below and choose the best rubber stamp for your needs, you first need to ask yourself: "Why do I need a stamp?"

If you're reading this article, you probably already have some ideas in mind:

  • You're planning your wedding or another special occasion, and you're making your own invitations
  • You find that, at work, you write your signature, return address, or other messages over and over again
  • You need a quick and portable way to reproduce your business logo on various documents
  • You're a teacher, and you want to give your students valuable feedback, but you don't want to write the same comments 30 times
  • You're a notary public, and it's time to replace your stamp -- the primary tool of your trade

Maybe one of these reasons motivates your stamp purchase, but maybe -- now or in the future -- you could use stamps in other ways you haven't yet considered:

  • You're crafty -- or want to be more crafty -- by making a scrapbook or even designing your own wrapping paper or stationery
  • You want to organize your kitchen and keep track of leftovers or meals prepared with special diets in mind
  • You want to organize your life with a family activity calendar or planner
  • You want to explore the bullet journaling trend you've heard so much about

Whatever your needs, it's important to keep them -- your message -- in mind as you consider other factors.

What Kind of Stamp is Best for Your Needs?

When choosing a stamp, you have to consider two sets of basic options: self-inking stamps vs. traditional stamp/stamp pad sets and customized vs. pre-made stamps. Let's take a look at each option. 

Self-Inking Stamps vs. Traditional Stamp/Stamp Pad Sets

While self-inking stamps can involve more of an initial investment, they are ideal for stamping documents in large quantities. If you want the freedom to vary the ink color from one document to the next, traditional rubber stamps may be better.

Whether you choose self-inking or use a traditional rubber stamp pad, Creative Rubber Stamps has you covered with ink refills in a variety of sizes and colors.

Customized vs. Pre-Made Stamps

Both self-inking stamps and traditional rubber stamps can be customized or pre-made. 

Pre-made stamps offer a variety of common messages. These stock stamps save valuable time when you find yourself writing the same word or phrase, such as "Paid," "Copy," or "Deposit Only," frequently. 

Customized stamps can display your own signature, message, or artwork. Creative Rubber Stamps also makes customized notary public stamps for many states. Notary stamps are guaranteed to comply with current state laws and are 100% official.

When purchasing customized rubber stamps online, look for a rubber stamp store that provides a variety of options. Creative Rubber Stamps designs custom stamps with 2-9 lines of type in a variety of font sizes, font styles, and ink colors.

How Legible and Durable Are Cheap Rubber Stamps?

You're on a budget, but you want to share your message, and you want it to last. That means you need your stamps to be legible. You also need them to last. The quality of the materials and quality of construction determine clarity and durability.  


Whether they are pre-made or customized, quality stamps use a high-quality rubber and are laser-engraved to ensure a well-defined impression. Quality self-inking stamps also include a clear placement window to help you align your signature and message.

If you order a custom stamp, you're an important part of the design process too. When ordering custom stamps online, it's important for you to provide a high-quality image of your message for the company to use. This will contribute to the overall clarity. 


With proper care and cleaning, you can expect quality stamps from trusted brands to last a lifetime. High-quality rubber and expert construction ensure longevity.

What Are My Options When I Need to Refill the Ink?

If you purchase a quality stamp, you can expect the stamp itself to last a lifetime. The ink, though, will eventually run out. How quickly this happens, again, depends on the quality of the product and how often you use it.

Self-inking stamps purchased from a quality rubber stamp store will last for several thousand impressions.

Several thousand impressions mean that you won't need an ink refill for some time. However, the refill process is something to consider at the point of your initial purchase.

Some self-inking stamps are easier to refill than others. Look for special ink pad grips on higher quality stamps to make the refill process easier and less messy.

What Other Decisions Do I Need to Make about Ink?

Whether you're purchasing your initial stamp or an ink refill, you'll need to decide on a color or colors and the type of ink.


When choosing ink colors for your initial stamp or for a refill, you should expect a rubber stamp store to offer a variety of options. Self-inking stamps usually offer black, one-, and two-color products.

As you choose your color or colors, keep your needs and message in mind. Studies show that people associate certain colors with certain emotions and experiences. Color choices can influence your message.

Types of Ink

Water-based inks are standard with most cheap rubber stamps, and they are effective. It's important, though, to have reasonable expectations for water-based inks. They are not waterproof and are not suitable for use on glossy surfaces.

Making a Decision You Can Stamp with Your Approval

You started with a message. You "approve this message." Now you want to share it.

The guide here helps you do just that. By considering the factors above, you can sort through all the cheap rubber stamps out there and choose the one that is not only inexpensive but also high quality. You can choose a stamp that meets with your approval.

The good news is, you don't have to go anywhere else to purchase high-quality, budget-friendly stamps. Browse through our inventory today and feel free to contact us if you don't find exactly what you're looking for! 

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