Why You Need a Custom Address Stamp

Why You Need a Custom Address Stamp

If the pandemic has told us anything it’s this—communication is vital. Whether it’s through phone calls or texts, or facetime and socially distanced, we need our people, our businesses, and our relationships. One method of communication that hearkens back to the pre-digital era but is still in use and may never be dissolved, is the letter. The power of the letter combined with the necessity of paper bills, business documents, and other important mailings, makes sending and receiving letters that much more important. 

 The way your mailing is perceived is considered to be the top priority and literally the first thing people notice when they pick it up. Is it in a clean and properly sized envelope, does it contain the correct documents, and most importantly, does it have an attractive address stamp?

 Look. I know what you’re thinking–why are address stamps the most important element of a piece of mail? There are several reasons many of which will and surely already do impact your business, your relationships, the way you see yourself, and the way others view you and your business. A customized address stamp says a few things right off the bat–who you are, what you do, and how you do it. 

Why do you need a custom address stamp for your mail? Let’s find out in this article. We’ll go over the different ways a customized return address stamp is a must for any mail you send out under your name. 



As sustaining the environment is becoming an increasingly important factor in the way we live and work, self-inking address stamps go along with that ethos. Being friendly to the environment means using products and buying materials that comply with the earth, are reusable and recyclable, and can be practically used for years. This means your products, including address stamps, need to be of high quality and made with recyclable material so you can do your part and once you’ve had your fill, can throw it in the recycle bin!

 Traditional sticky labels and stickers have an unused backing paper that just adds to the increasingly growing landfills in our soil. Re-inking rubber stamps, on the other hand, can be used several times without having to throw them away after one use. At Creative Rubber Stamps, we offer refills for your selected ink color, so you can keep coming back to save money and time. 



Aside from the natural environment, your personal home and office space are pretty valuable to your productivity, joy, and overall well-being. When it’s messy, you’re not happy. That’s why using self-inking address stamps personalized to your name and business have an attached ink pad that automatically retracts into the stamp. So that leaves you with zero messy ink spells and 100% clean surfaces ahead. 



 Plastic stickers with your address on them will need to be purchased continuously over the course of your life. When you stick (haha see what we did there) to self-inking reliable rubber stamps, you’re using ink pads that can be refilled as many times as you need, saving you money and time from re-purchasing and re-ordering. 



 You’re busy. We get it. You don’t have time to peel stickers and slap them on thousands of envelopes, taking the extra minutes to secure the sticker and make sure it’s flat and snug. Your letter needs to make it to its correct destination in one piece, and look incredible. That’s where self-inking address stamps come in. With less time peeling, you’ll have more time to just stamp and go. The stamp impression is perfect every time, leaving you more time to work on what you love and worry less.  



Everybody knows that your brand is the face of your business. The visual appeal of what you do is almost greater than or equal to the content of what you do. When a person–client, colleague, boss, or customer, receives a letter from you, they are in essence speaking with your business. If the letter is dressed well consistently and presents what they do in a visually pleasing way, that person is more likely to listen to you and give you what you need. The same goes for customized address stamps. Use them for your brand image and see the customer loyalty that comes back to you. 

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