3 Types Of Custom Address Stamps Compared: Everything You Need To Know

3 Types Of Custom Address Stamps Compared: Everything You Need To Know


Whether you want a custom address stamp for your business, a wedding or event, or just as a stylish personal touch, it's a wonderful way to save time and ensure that all of your correspondence is memorable. However, there are so many types that it can be confusing to decide which is best for you. In this guide, we'll compare three of the most popular types: self-inking custom stamps, personalized address sticker labels, and wood-mounted rubber stamps. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each return address stamp so that you can make an informed decision about which type of stamp is best for you. 

Custom Address Stamps And Stickers

A custom stamp is a personalized rubber stamp that includes your name and address.

A self-inking stamp has an ink pad built into it so you don't need a separate ink pad. Just press the stamp onto your paper and it will print your return address in crisp, clean text. Ideal and Trodat stamps are the two highest quality self-inking stamps.


Another popular type of custom return address stamp is the peel-and-stick mailing label. Technically, of course they’re not stamps but since they’re used to “stamp” your return address, we’re including them.


The third most common type is the wood-mounted rubber stamp. This is the most traditional type. It requires a separate ink pad and pretty good coordination so that you don't smear the ink as you press the stamp to the paper. Many crafters prefer this type of stamp.

Let's compare the 3 types of stamps.

Uses And Convenience

What you intend to use the custom address stamp for will influence which type is preferable.

In general, people use personalized stamps for many reasons. They want custom stamps for business and branding, or personal expression. They also want customized wedding stamps, and stamps for personal, corporate, and wedding gifts.

The more you need to use a return address, the more convenient and quicker you need the process to be. While wood-mounted stamps are elegant, they're the most time-consuming, the least convenient, and the least user friendly.

Return address sticker labels are a popular choice that adds some customization while being very convenient. However, they generally don't add the same level of style or personalization as a self-inking rubber stamp.

The self-inking custom stamp is the most versatile because it adds the most style while being ergonomic, easy, and convenient to use.

Convenience Rating:

Self-Inking Stamps ++

Return Address Stickers +

Wood-Mounted Stamps --



A self-inking stamp is generally the most cost-effective option of the three types of return address stamps. This is because you only need to buy one. And there are no additional ink pads, as there are with wood-mounted rubber stamps. You also don't need to fully replace it either, as you do with return address sticker label sheets.

Of the 3, wood-mounted rubber stamps and their ink pads are the most expensive, both in terms of the cost of the wooden stamp and the ink pad. Even though some people use these for their return address, most people want a more cost-effective option.

This is a particular concern for those needing economical customized wedding stamps or custom stamps for business.

Cost Effectiveness Rating:

Self-Inking Stamps ++

Return Address Stickers +

Wood-Mounted Stamps --

Environmental Impact And Sustainability

Both the wood-mounted and the self-inking custom address stamps can be reused many times. However, a quality self-inking stamp is often more durable and less prone to breakage. Our Ideal and Trodat stamps feature heavy-duty construction that stand the test of time. They can be used thousands of times.

Ink is another factor. The ink pad of a wood-mounted stamp tends to dry up and needs replacing every few months.

However, you can use a self-inking custom stamp thousands of times before its internal ink pad runs dry. To replace the ink, you just need to purchase a convenient refill.

Custom return address stickers are the least environmentally friendly because their empty backing sheets go straight to landfills, and the stickers themselves create an unnecessary demand for paper production.

Environmental Friendliness Rating:

Self-Inking Stamps ++

Wood-Mounted Stamps +

Return Address Stickers --


Time Efficiency

The two fastest types of custom stamps to use are mailing stickers and self-inking stamps. However, the self-inking stamp is the most time efficient because there's no paper to take care of, store, or throw away. They’re especially efficient as custom stamps for business which is why you’ll find them in so many offices.

Wood mounted stamps are the most time-consuming to use because they require a lot more care as you use them. Essentially, you need to stamp slowly, be careful not to smear the ink, and wait to let it dry. This is not the best option for a busy person or a bride looking for an easy, customized wedding stamp. 


Efficiency Rating:

Self-Inking Stamps ++

Return Address Stickers +

Wood-Mounted Stamps --


Design and Customization

Both wood-mounted and self-inking custom stamps have a lot of customization options for design, font and scripts, and ink colors. For example, we carry 45 custom address stamps in various sizes, shapes, and designs. All of our Ideal and Trodat stamps come in 8 vibrant colors.

With their separate ink pads, wood-mount return address stamps have more color customization than self-inked ones because you could potentially use a different ink pad every time you stamp, and there are hundreds of color options when buying external ink pads. Just remember these ink pads are relatively expensive and dry up fairly fast. 

The customization of return address stickers is limited. While they're personalized with font and color, and perhaps a little image like a flower, they're not highly aesthetic or stylish.


Design and Customization Rating:

Self-Inking Stamps ++

Wood-Mounted Stamps +

Return Address Stickers +


Final Thoughts

We hope this comparison helps you decide which type of stamp is right for you. Self-inked custom rubber stamps are the best choice for most people and we're confident that after you try ours, you'll agree. We only offer the highest quality Ideal and Trodat stamps and promise impeccable customer service.


Need help choosing and personalizing your self-inking custom stamp? Read our guide on how to choose your personalized rubber stamp.


Creative Rubber Stamps looks forward to serving you and all of your custom address stamp needs.

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