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Trodat Printy 4910 Custom Self-Inking Stamp

Trodat Printy 4910 Custom Self-Inking Stamp

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Imagine never having to write the same word over and over. Whether it is "Faxed" or "A+", our Trodat Printy 4910 Custom Self-Inking Stamp means that you can save your pens for less redundant work.

Our lightweight stamp is incredibly durable. Not only will you not have to worry about breaking it, but it will make more than 5,000 impressions before you ever have to think about re-inking or replacing its pad. At only 1" wide, this mighty stamp is perfect for the small jobs.

Choose among more than a dozen of the most popular fonts and pick your justification style. We truly mean it when we say this is a custom stamp. Available in eight ink colors, you know that the word you lay down is sure to stand out. Order your custom self-inking stamp today with your choice of word. We know that you will be surprised at how well this unobtrusive office supply works for you.
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